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7/17's New Moon, New Beginning

I have a very vivid memory.....such as when I tell stories, I try to make my readers and listeners feel as if they were actually there....involved in the action. I vividly remember MOST all the chapters of my life as if they happened yesterday such as getting put out at 12 years old because I wanted to go to my faux-cousins graduation party, getting involved with good ole MaryJane, to high school where I had so many unladylike fist fights that I'm kind of ashamed to blog about that experience at all, to my 1st apartment that I imagined at 16 because I used to babysit for my aunt's homegirl who lived in the same complex, to my first heartbreak immediately following the death of a close friend, my first and only child thus far, and my first move away from New Jersey!

There are so many chapters, stories and events that each time a chapter ends I say to my self, "this is a fresh start, a new beginning" (which my lotus flower and dragonfly tattoo represents) but before I know it that chapter is coming to an end and another is starting. With that said I have officially ended another chapter of my life and I am beginning a new one. This chapter should be wild, yet well put together and planned out....... Stay tuned!


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