Running late and rushing used to be a big issue for me. I always chalked it up to being over capacitated with my to-do list, blaming my Mom for never giving me a curfew, you know a bullshxt excuses to not own up to the fact that I just really had a low interest in life. Dark times.


Today, I was late because I giving myself what I called a mini-facial with plain seamoss gel.

I got in the shower and washed as usual. Today I paid particular attention to my face (well you know because the I'm bout be 41 panic and my kid graduates hs this year panic just kicked in) and I was feeling like I needed a boost.

I steamed my face in the shower, I put the water as hot as I could take it, then I washed with my cream o soap and followed up with a large scoop of plain seamoss gel (it was still cold from the fridge, which I think is essential to achieving this plump and full feeling skin) massage into face and neck, and if you have an exfoliating brush, lightly exfoliate your face you neck with the sea moss gel on it. turn your water to warmer now, rinse, and then rinse again with colder water, pat dry, apply toner, serum, then moisturizer if that's what you do. Me I just put some oil on and go about my business.

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