Bathe & Meditate

Sometimes we find ourselves in situations that don't quite fit with the true nature of ourselves. If you're anything like me you sometimes become ungrounded and feel like Universe or God is working against you. When I become too overwhelmed or anxiety gets the best of me, I take a bath.

All of nature vibrates on different frequencies, and plants and herbs are no exception. Chrysanthemum & Rosemary both vibrate on frequencies that provide spiritual and mental grounding, protection in addition to the skin loving and aroma-therapeutic qualities such as

Protection. Grow in the garden to ward off evil spirits.

Also Called: Mum

Carried and used in healing poppets for good health, used in love/lust spells, worn to improve memory, used in dream pillows to prevent nightmares, burned as incense for purification and removing negativity. Wear or carry while reading or completing tasks to improve memory of the material and aid clear thinking (great for students!). Use an infusion of rosemary to wash hands before any healing magick. Use in bath magick for purification. Associated with faeries.

Also Called: Elf Leaf, Sea Dew, Polar Plant, Guardrobe, Compass Weed, Dew of the Sea, Mary's Cloak, Stella Maria, Star of the Sea, Incensier

Use code CHARGEDUP to get a free protection bath tea set, which includes a cosmically charged white tealight & bath tea. Unwind, relax and spend some time in deep breathing. Namasté

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