Queen of all Flowers

Roses are a universal symbol representing love, beauty and mystery. Roses are associated with the numinous beauty of the Goddess Isis and the love her presence evokes within the human heart. Roses express perfection in its beauty. It was the most revered flower in ancient Egypt, sacred to Isis herself. Petals, whole flowers and wreaths of roses have been found heaped upon the oldest tombs in the pyramids. The egyptian heiroglyph which depicts a rose is said to imply a gateway to summon the forces of beauty and love. So summon with away with this luxuriating handmade bath bomb. Loaded with coconut milk, dried organic rose petals, very finely ground organic oatmeal and scented with my magickal blend of cosmically charged love oil to give you a rich and magickal bathing experience. Sure to stimulate your senses and the senses of those around you. Use code Isis to get your Rose Bath Bomb for 50% off while supplies last, today only (expires 11:59 pm est. Wednesday 4/11/208) Enjoy and thank me later.

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