The Essence of Magick .......Bath Tea

Turn your regular smegular bath into a magical healing ritual. Even those of us who love the dark, wet winter months may find ourselves pulled under the spell of seasonal affective disorder – you know, SAD for short – as the days get shorter and darkness consumes the day.

We thank the Goddesses and Gods for the Spring Equinox, the longer days, later nights, earlier sunrises and later sunsets. You should walk right into feeling good with these magical bath teas.

Life so so much more fun and easy when we make simple yet conscious decisions to love ourselves and choose happiness AND love taking baths!

Decide on one or several of the following: read, reflect, listen to music, pray, chant or sing. Then promise to yourself to stay in your bath for at least 20-minutes to allow the magickal herbs to work on your nervous and muscular systems.

Self Love is the Best Love

Relax a little, A Lot

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