Handwrapped with pure intentions

Updated: Mar 24

So the other day I was kicking shxt with my brother in law, when we came up on this man pruning his very well overgrown rosemary bush. Y'all know I had to yell out the window! Just ghetto

Me:🗣 Wow, that's an awesome rosemary bush you got there, how long you been growing it?

Urban Gardener: Why thanks, you want some? She's about 15 years old!

me: OhMGeez, *gasp* Amazing, absolutely, I would love to have to some!

Urban Gardener: Pull over

So now y'all now, I'm gonna hand wrap some smudge sticks, maybe add some sweetgrass, bay, lavender and roses..............inhales deeply, mmmmmmm I can smell it now.

What a great day it's been so far. I'll post the smudge sticks when they are done.

Peace, Love & Wholeness Until next time ~Gypsee

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