“Well”thy Wednesday Mercury Day


A day of knowledge, communication, being artsy artsy, mental acuity, charm, confidence, change, adaptability and acceptance, writing, speech.

When it comes the concept of wealth, we immediately, well I know for sure I do...... think mo money, mo money, money.

Well I'm here to bust your bubble, as I have to do to my own bubble daily. There is so much more to wealth than money (sheesh, I even cringed a little typing that so much that I misspelled money three times before I got it right, a shot of anxiety anyone). And just like that here we are, back to that word wholeness and the idea of being complete. Let's meditate shall we.

Todays Trapformation is optional of course

  • 6 of cups Tarot

  • Azurite

  • Mala beads

Six implies advancement, while Azurite corresponds with the planet Mercury and is associated with our Crown and Third Eye Chakras. Today we meditate on being present, and grateful for our accomplishments, instead of gloat, we are grateful for clarity of our minds, so that we make the right decisions.

lay down, placing the azurite crystal directly above you head, be sure it is touching your head, if you feel comfortable the crystal won't fall, you can place it on your forehead.

Using your mall beads chant 144 times the following incantation.

six of cups,

a heart centered place,

a card full with love and grace

gifts of the heart

are always free

I love others freely

and peace returns to me

thank you, thank you, thank you

and so it is

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