The salves were created to provide peace and relief to a number of symptoms related to the well known blah blah blah dreaded e word. A salve is an ointment used to promote health and wellness of the skin or act as a protective barrier to the elements.

My salves are special infusions with both vegetable based oils and wax. ​


According to James Green who wrote The Herbal Medicine Makers Handbook, “a balm is simply a salve that contains a relatively high amount of volatile oils. So instead of creating balms and using essential oils, I literally infuse the actual plant into the oil itself. Essential in itself, eh. 


  • Ahh, Finally some Relief

For not so extreme cases of dry skin but you just need a little something extra.

Read My Ingredients: Infused avocado oil, cocoa butter, essential oils, vitamin e oil, candelilla wax


  • Pine Tar Extreme

Pine tar is known to help with extreme skin conditions. 

Read My Ingredients: Infused avocado oil, pine tar, cocoa butter, essential oils, vitamin e oil, candelilla wax


  • Inflammation & Stiffness

Would you like a little peace? This is my peace line’s 1’st blend as a special request, and now it’s just super popular cause y’all keep saying its helping with your pain, specifically pain that is caused by inflammation that causes stiffness and pain in the joints. 

Read my Ingredients: Avocado & olive oil blend, lavender, comfrey leaf & root, arnica, cayenne, st john's wort, solomons seal, black cohosh, wood betony & marjoram, cocoa butter, essential oils, vitamin e oil, candelilla wax.


  • Shooting, Tingling, Prickling

The 2nd blend from my peace line and if your require a little peace in the areas of shooting, tingling, prickling or numbing types of pain, this is your go to.

Read my Ingredients: Avocado & olive oil blend, lavender, skullcap, devils claw, blue vervain, oatstraw, feverfew, lemon peel, cinnamon, nutmeg, cocoa butter, essential oils, vitamin e oil, candelilla wax.


These products are made in a kitchen that uses nuts. Although I do a great job of not cross contaminating, it is still advised that you do a skin test first to ensure safety, especially if your nut allergy is anaphylaxis.


These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. If you are experiencing a medical emergency, please contact your medical provider.

But 1st, Grab my Salve

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