Chakra Balancing Oils

  • Crown Chakra, Focus & Calm (Jasmine & Lavender) also for headaches
  • Heart Chakra, Clarity & Abundance (Hibiscus & Lotus Flower)
  • Throat Chakra, Focus & Communication (Bergamot, Spearmint & Cypress) also for sinus and throat relief
  • Root Chakra, Protection & Exhaustion (Dragon's Blood & Cinnamon)


Chakra Balancing Roller Balls are 30 mls of a proprietary essential oil blend with an MCT & Jojoba oil base. They smell good, feel good and do good, mentally, spiritually and physically. Each blend is made in small batches to ensure quality and integrity and every bottle has a unique gemstone as the roller ball such as green aventurine, lapis lazuli, yellow tigers eye and amethyst.


Chant down babylon, get grounded, centered and focused, then do what you do gotta do to get it done. These oils will help you along the way. Enjoy in joy.

Crystal Roller Balls




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