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Divine Divination

professional, accurate psychic readings online

  • 30 minutes
  • 22.22 US dollars
  • Secret Sesh, FB Chat, Google Chat, Skype

Service Description

As a skilled and intuitive reader, let me pull a few cards on your behalf. I use Tarot & Oracle as a means of promoting greater self-awareness, direction, conscious choice and creation. If you book online, you'll get a free 3 card pull. Some suggestions below: Past*Present*Future; a classic 3-card tarot spread. The Past card represents past influences – things that happened in your recent or distant past that are affecting your present situation. The Present card represents what is influencing your present, or it gives you a snapshot into the present situation you are doing a reading about. The Future card suggests the likely outcome if things don’t change. Energy*Action*Obstacle The Energy card shows you your energy for the day. This can be either how you are feeling about something coming up that day, or your overall mood/inclination for the day. The Action card tells you how you need to show up to “win” the day. The Obstacle card gives you a heads up on what might get in your way. This could be something that negatively shifts your energy, or an obstacle that thwarts your action. Situation*Challenge/Obstacle*Resolution; Good general spread for pretty much any area of your life. The Situation card gives you insights into the situation you are asking about. The Challenge card presents possible challenges coming up. The Resolution card suggests what approach you need to take to solve the issue and overcome the challenge. Above*Below*Relation Between The Two The Above card can be read as spiritual influences, or simply how your own thoughts and mindset affect the situation. The Below card can be read as Earthly influences, or simply how your own body/health/behavior affects the situation. The Relation Between The Two connects the dots between how the spiritual (or mindset) and Earthly (or body) are connected. Problem*Do This*Not This; A quick “what should I do?” spread. The Problem card represents the problem, giving you some insight into the core issue. The Do This card suggests an option for solving or dealing with the problem. The Not This card suggest an action or approach to avoid – something that could make the problem worse. Decks we divine with are: Shadowscapes & RiderWaite Tarot Oracle Decks: Eternal Crystals, Les Vampires, Sacred Self Care, Witches Kitchen Any further insight requested beyond the 15 minutes will cost you and the fees must be sent via cashapp only to $subURBANGypsee

Contact Details

+ 2026885054

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