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Welcome and thanks for joining me along this fantastic human experience.  Over the years I have grown beyond measure, healed my inner demons, broke some nasty generational curses and become the woman my soul contracted to be at the beginning of this human and Earthly journey.  I've learned that when you step into your wholeness, you get this the feeling that is light, imminent, godlike and while not quite full ascension, its a clear sign that you're well on your way.

My mission here is to help you self heal and grow along your own spiritual journey in whatever ways my knowledge and personal experiences may serve you.  

I am a Certified Life Coach specializing in overall health and wellness, a self taught and later certified herbalist with over 1000+ certified hours in addition to being a serial crafter, so I hand make everything I sell. 

Through my platform I hope to uplift, excite, educate, promote self healing and connect inspiring souls.

This is sure to be one heck of a ride if you're up to it. Join me for exclusive diy recipes, herbal tips, secret group rituals, free guided meditations and so much more. 

I can't wait to connect with you my love.

Peace and Wholeness / Namaste' / Ase' / Blessed Be!

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If it’s unique you seek, you’ve stumbled upon the right place. As a homegrown company one of our main goals is to continuously provide cosmically conscious & crafty, high-quality, energetically vibrant, healing products for life beyond the daily grind. The Gypsee Shoppe is unique in that it features one of a kind handcrafted items from artist we’ve met along our journey and crafters from all-over the world.

You never know what you may find here, so check back often.


· Products are FREE from parabens, petroleum, SLS and artificial colors, flavors & fragrances 

· Our products contain ethically harvested and locally sourced ingredients, seasons permitting.

· My family & friends were the test subjects, not real animals. 

Enjoy your shopping experience, add a few items to your cart, check out, repeat. Thank me later :)


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Vibrational Inner"G" Healing

Meditation & Manifestation Workshops


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